Dundas Jafine ProVent™ Wall Style Bathroom Fan Vent Kit 3 In. to 4 In.

Dundas Jafine

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Dundas Jafine’s ProVent™ Bathroom Fan Vent Kit is ideal for bathroom fan venting applications that require a wall style installation. The kit includes a 4” ProVent™ exhaust hood, a 4” x 5’ vinyl duct, a 3” – 4” foam adapter and 2 plastic adjustable clamps.

The ProVent™ exhaust hood features a 3 louver damper system that helps to prevent cold air backdraft, snow or rain from entering the home. The louvers are cammed to allow for easy pivoting and to help prevent sticking. Additional features include a recessed caulk line to assist in a clean caulking application and a snap on pipe to cap assembly that eliminates the need for lint trapping staples.

All ProVent™ products have a UV resistant coating to prevent the cap from discoloring and are paintable to match the exterior of your home. These hoods can be used in conjunction with brick, concrete or siding.

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