Primary Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Updating a primary bathroom can be wonderful to meet changing needs, refresh for a modern style, or improve home sale prospects. But what bathroom remodeling ideas are best for different projects?

Why Are You Remodeling?

There are many reasons why a bathroom might need to be remodeled. Leaks or other damage may make the room unusable until it is remodeled, or changing needs of the family may require adjustments to fixtures, shower stalls, tubs, or entryways to make the room more accessible or practical. A poorly designed primary bath can be remodeled to improve functionality and efficiency, or it may be necessary to refresh an outdated style to make the room more appealing to your tastes or prospective buyers if the home will be sold in the near future.

Understanding the reasons behind the remodeling project will help you choose the best projects and updates for the bathroom, whether you have just one reason in mind or have a variety of reasons for the remodel. By thoughtfully considering different reasons, the project can proceed more smoothly from the planning stages to the finishing touches.

Ideas for Primary Bathroom Remodeling

The exact options for remodeling a primary bath will depend on the overall scope of the project, the available budget, and whether you plan to hire expert contractors or leverage your own skills for the work. Great bathroom remodeling ideas include…

  • Refreshing Walls – Changing the walls in a room can have an immediate impact on lighting and mood. Soothing colors such as sea greens, light blues, and other calming shades are ideal for bathrooms to create a spa-like appeal. Removing outdated or damaged wallpaper or using stencils for a more refined look can upgrade the space even more.

  • Adding Natural Light – Florescent lights are tough on skin tones and not at all the soothing or refreshing experience that would be wanted in a primary bath. Adding more natural light to the space with a skylight, enlarged windows, or glass block wall can make the room seem larger and more inviting.

  • Expanding Glass – More glass in a bathroom space will improve lighting and a sense of space. Choosing a glass shower partition or door rather than a shower curtain is an easy option, or add larger mirrors to reflect more light and make the space seem much larger. Textured glass can be added to a window to improve privacy without sacrificing light.

  • Renewing Fixtures – Changing out a basic showerhead for a rain-style head or a multi-function shower head can improve and modernize the bathroom. New faucets and handles can also instantly upgrade a space, but be sure to choose finishes that match cabinetry handles, towel bars, or other details as appropriate.

  • Expanding Sinks – A larger sink or adding a second sink to a primary bathroom improves the functionality of the space, especially when more than one person is using it. Matching sinks is a luxury feature and creates more personalized space each person will enjoy, even when morning bathroom time may be limited because of work schedules.

  • Updating Cabinetry – New doors or repainting cabinetry can instantly refresh a primary bath. New cabinetry hardware is another option, and ensuring the hardware matches fixture finishes creates a cohesive, coordinated look for an elevated space. If possible, updating the countertops will bring cabinetry together with a new look.

  • Renewing Surrounds – With years of use and wear, a bathtub or shower surround can begin to dull or show stains as finish coatings wear off, and they may crack or chip. Refreshing or replacing these surrounds is a great renovation to make, and can update the color of the space or even add a textured look with a marble or river rock accent.

  • Improving Storage – Extra storage is always welcome in a bathroom, and can be easily achieved by adding roll-out shelving underneath the sink, installing a medicine cabinet, or adding a linen closet as space permits. New towel bars or robe hooks are another option, and if space is limited, consider over-the-door organizers to keep clutter in check.

  • Increasing Efficiency – Energy-saving lights and low-flow fixtures improve the energy efficiency of a bathroom, reducing utility usage and saving on bills. Sinks, toilets, and showerheads can all be swapped out for energy efficient models, and all lighting can be adjusted for lower power bills. Be sure all leaks are sealed and everything runs properly for the best results.

  • Modifying Accessibility – Older, outdated bathrooms can be more difficult to use as accessibility needs change over the years. Remodeling can make the bathroom much more accessible with rocker switches, a walk-in tub or shower, a shower seat, wider doors, a magnifying mirror, and other options to keep the bathroom functional for all needs.

  • Adding Ambiance – Creating a spa-like atmosphere can make the primary bath a center for wellness and rejuvenation. Adding a rain shower, jetted or soaking tub, or sauna can invite longer relaxation, and muted lighting can set a more peaceful mood. A small chandelier, built-in radio, or updated vanity space can even be unique luxury touches.

Choosing Your Remodeling Options

With so many bathroom remodeling ideas to choose from, it is easy to select a project that will have a big impact on the space and renew the look of the bath. Choose the renovation project that will best meet your needs, keeping in mind the overall budget for the remodeling as well as whether you plan to hire expert contractors or rely on your own handyman skills.

If you do work with experienced contractors, take the time to arrange multiple estimates and choose a contractor whom you feel most comfortable with. Read contracts carefully to ensure you understand all the terms and conditions, and be clear about your expectations and hopes for the renovation. Good communication will ensure a smooth, satisfying project and a renewed, refreshed space you will enjoy.

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